Afro-Latina’s , We Exist

Proyecto Mas Color

This video consist of two sisters Sophia and Victoria whose goal it s to call attention to diversifying Latin American media , preferably Afro-Latinos. They want to see more positive representation  for Afro-Latinos in networks like Telemundo and Univison .

When it comes to telling people you are Afro-Latino it isn’t as easy as saying I am black or white . As Sophia and Victoria discussed,  some people don’t understand the difference between what  your race is and what’s your ethnicity .  Race is your color and your ethnicity is what you identify with based off your ancestry , social  and cultural experience.   Have you ever heard an Afro-Latina say I am racially black and ethnically Latin American ? I have because like  both sisters  its blatant I am black because of my skin color but culturally I am Latino.  Hence , it was complex explaining it to people because no matter how hard I did they still had their own assumptions and perceptions. People did not understand what it meant to be black and still be Latino because it wasn’t seen.


A valid reason could be because their aren’t many Afro-Latinos seen in media and on television. It is blatant that Telemundo and Univison are targeted for Latinos and Spanish speakers. This could have easily been a gateway to showing that Afro-Latinos exist by displaying more of them on television. This will not only change peoples “one” interpretation of what a Latino looks like, but educate them and let people know we exist.

Even though I identify with the Latin -American culture I did not grow up watching much Spanish speaking shows. But every now and then I watched Telenovelas with my abuela and I did not see any actors who looked like me. I saw blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin actors speaking Spanish and I was confused. I asked my abuela who are these people. She would say ” Jenita”, as she would call me , they are ” White Mexicans.” This was a problem because how could I be Latina and black , but couldn’t watch a show and see people like me. Ultimately in Latin American  media, they should have more Afro -Latinas on television so people know what it is and what it entails.

Because we’re here and we exist !



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