A Letter to my Afro- Latinas


Dear  my Afro-Latinas,

I am calling on all my Afro-Latinas. I want you to close your eyes , open your heart and feel your soul.  I understand the feeling of not knowing where you fit in or understanding who you are.  We have all had those days we didn’t feel beautiful because we didn’t match what society’s ” perception” of beauty is.

 This is exactly where we start with.  We must stop trying to live up to what other people standards of beauty are.  It is important that we value ourselves as women and as Afro-Latinas  because we are unique.

Our ancestors reflected courage , determination and persistence and we must continue their legacy of strength and live on with it . So that future generations feel protected  and secured. We should feel proud to say that we are Afro-Latina because we are somebody.

I know we aren’t recognized enough. I understand we aren’t seen enough. I feel we aren’t  treated good enough. I believe we aren’t respected enough.  We are always told we aren’t enough.  But I am here to tell you that you are enough.  There are many of us out there we just have to find them and let them know how powerful our community is and invite them in .

We must unify together and create a movement , by standing together and supporting each other through it all.  The first step is recognizing our own strengths and appreciating our own presence then working towards building our own community.

#I want to see a change  #You want to see a change  #We will make a change

Then people will say they made a change.

Afro-Latina’s we will be represented and praised it  will take time but we will get there .  Our presence , our story and our lives matter and as long as we know that ourselves . We will get there.

  – SignedJenay



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  1. Hannah Rajnicek says:

    Your passion drips from this post, which is incredible. Your call to action and hope for the Afro-Latina community is inspiring and you definitely captured my attention with this post. Being passionate like you are brings a whole new element to the blogging table, which is great. Keep it up; we need more people to have a voice like you.


  2. hereisdime says:

    Jenay, I love this letter so much! Although I cannot relate to being Afro-Latina, I still think it’s very important to reach that community and help them realize how powerful they are. I can only imagine how hard it must feel when someone says that you don’t fit into your background because your features may not fit the stereotypical look of an African American or Latina citizen. The language you used to reach your audience is not only engaging, but you can tell that it came from the heart, which makes it more powerful. I’m all for empowerment and I support your movement 100%! Great job!


  3. Katie says:

    I love that you are so very passionate about this. I love how much you care. I think it is an important cause you are fighting for and your voice is strong. I am a huge supporter of this, and I really hope you get somewhere!


  4. Briana Utria says:

    Great post, Jenay! Fellow Afro-Latina here 🙂 I’m Afro-Cuban. What’s your ancestry?


    1. Jenay Wright says:

      Thanks so much ! I’m Afro-Panamanian . So great to know !


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