Photo by : Brittany Washington


If you’re anything like Kesha, she wakes up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. That’s nice and all. But when you wake up in the morning you should feel beautiful. If you don’t feel that way there is something we need to work on. It starts by valuing yourself more as an individual and as a woman.

Let’s begin by turning your insecurities into compliments. This means embracing who you truly are and becoming more confident in yourself. We all have flaws we are all human but we must not remind ourselves each and every day of it. As much as you probably heard this saying before I will reiterate it one more time.


This is pretty accurate. Everyone has something they believe is wrong with them. Most of the time you are your worst enemy. If you’re anything like me (or human) I’ve had moments I put myself down and it was doing unquestionably nothing but hurting who I was.

I spent too much time lifting everyone else up around me but not taking the opportunity to empower my own presence. This is something that isn’t healthy for anyone, not me, not you, not your friend or your younger sibling.

How can someone love you if you can’t love yourself? This was not only a question but a wakeup call, for me. This was the moment I had to start loving and accepting myself even with my imperfections. This meant to stop comparing myself to others and wishing I could be something that I was not or couldn’t ever be. I began looking directly in the mirror starring at no one but myself and telling myself that I AM ENOUGH.

Enough can’t be defined by anyone else and it won’t ever be measured. Only you can express what enough means it takes building a personal and intimate relationship with yourself. Being enough could mean feeling powerful, beautiful, outgoing, funny, strong, courageous, kind-hearted, strong-minded and intelligent. There is no limit! Well except the sky.

I want to motivate woman to know that they are enough and they are somebody. In the world today you can’t wait for someone to tell you, you have to believe that in your heart, mind and soul. So begin telling yourself I Am Enough versus I Am Ugly or I Am Somebody versus I Am a Failure. The only person stopping you from contentment or happiness is yourself. This blatantly doesn’t happen overnight it is a growing process but it is worth it. Because you are enough.

Ladies, join the #IAMENOUGHMOVEMENT.




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