Afro-Mexicans ; Now Acknowledged on Mexico’s National Census


afro-mexicansIf there is one motto that really has stood out to me during my lifetime. It is to always fight and stand up for what you believe in.  It is significant to take pride in your morals and values.

If you want to see change to you have to be a part of it. This means using your time intelligently and not waiting around for things to happen.

Today we are witnessing a transformation in Mexico. There has been a high demand for legal recognition of Afro-Descendants in Mexico. Many aren’t familiarized with the term Afro-Latinos in general and many aren’t aware that there are even African influence in Mexico.

When people think of Mexico they perceive it to just have indigenous influence but there is a great population of African descendants.  This is because they aren’t acknowledged as they should be because they do in fact play an important role in Mexican culture and history.Afro-Mexicans have heavily contributed to Mexico’s heritage of dance, music and song.

The visibility and representation of Afro-Latinos in Latin America is still being fought for till this day. Afro-Latinos are a major part of Latin American culture and it is imperative they are accepted, it is tremendously crucial.

In 1910 during the Mexican Revolution, Afro-Mexicans were not recognized. Mexico now accounts 138 million people of African descendants on their national census. This is an imperative step the country has taken.

It shows the prominence of being an Afro-Latino in Latin America. They matter and justice is now served even though it took many years to get there.  What matters now is that they are now recognized.

Afro-Latinos are here and we exist.





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  1. Liyah says:

    Inspirational……..I love it!

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