Stereotypes ; They Don’t Define You.

There is literally a stereotype for everything out there. Society isn’t afraid to let you know if you fit into one either. These are personal stereotypes that I have came across and I thought I share it with you guys and then post my response after.

Just because I don’t speak fluent Spanish doesn’t mean I am not Latino.

Speaking Spanish doesn’t define Latino’s.

Just because I don’t always listen to rap doesn’t mean I am not Black.

 Rap doesn’t define being Black. 

Just because I don’t have lighter skin doesn’t mean I can’t embrace being Latina.

Lighter skin doesn’t define what a Latina looks like.

Just because I have Dominican and Puerto Rican friends doesn’t mean I think I’m Spanish.

Who you hang out with doesn’t define who you are.

Just because I am loud doesn’t make me ghetto.

The sound of your voice shouldn’t categorize your class.

Just because my hair isn’t soft and straight doesn’t mean it’s “not good”

Why should the texture of your hair even matter it doesn’t put you on a higher pedestal.

Just because I have darker skin doesn’t mean I am less of a Latino.

The color of skin doesn’t define who you are culturally.

 Just because I am brown skin doesn’t mean I am going to commit a crime.

The color of your skin doesn’t define the things you choose to do with your life.

Just because I wear extensions doesn’t mean I don’t have hair.

 It is your hair you can do what you want.

 Just because I am black doesn’t mean I am not Latino.

 Just because I am Latino doesn’t mean I am not black.

I am an Afro-Latina.

I don’t need anyone’s approval or perceptions about what I choose to identify as. We shouldn’t let stereotypes define who a person is by sex, religion, color, ethnicity, nationality or by culture.

At some point in my lifetime I had people “Stereotype” me because the color of my skin or denied me because I didn’t live up to their standards of what a Latina is.

In life you can choose to either listen to these people or keep it moving or let it control your life. Stereotypes are exactly what it is “a STEREOTYPE” it isn’t real or true it doesn’t determine who you are as a person. You are the only one who can define who you are and how you express yourself.

Just live your life freely and embrace whoever you are.






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