Lupita Nyong’o: Not Latina Enough?

It is a great Sunday morning, such a pleasant breeze coming through my window. My grandmother is in a positive spirit and my little sister is overly excited about the holidays, which a pre-teen should be.  As usual, I do a basic google search each morning of Afro-Latina related trends or topics.I came across an article on Madame Noire and the headline reads.


This topic of being Latina enough always seems to be an issue.The problem is that we can’t define or measure in one term what it means to be Latina enough. This should be a trending topic instead. I could see it now.


The comment section would probably say :








This might be some key components of a Latina woman but it doesn’t classify what Latina enough even is. If you are a Latina and you feel enough , then you are. No one can deny that. There is not a “Latina Enough” checklist where you have to check off each attribute in order to qualify.

So Why is Lupita Nyong’o not Latina enough. How do you know? Can anyone tell me?


 Lupita Nyong’o at the Cannes film festival

When I first seen Lupita Nyong’o: film, theatre and television actress I thought she was amazingly beautiful. I did  a search on her background and biography online like I do with very new actor or actress I come across.

12900083633_aeeaa1c1f1_oI learned that she was born in Mexico City, although her parents are Kenyan they were in political exile when Nyong’o was first born. They  returned to Kenya during her childhood, but in her teens she went back to learn Spanish.

Many people aren’t aware of this because they don’t take the time to do their research. I admired the color of her skin and I would never deny her of being Latina because I understand there are black Latinos. But some people can’t seem to accept that.

This was seen in the comment section of an interview she did with Jorge Ramos, a news anchor on Univision which he posted later on his Facebook page. Nyong’o discussed her role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens with co-star Oscar Isaac.

Facebook commentators left their feedback and opinion; like Madame Noire I will post some of the comments that are in Spanish and after post the Facebook English Translation which is a bit off.


Edwin Enrique Pinéda says:

“Si Lupita fuera Rubia y de ojos azules ahi estubieran reclamandola como Mexicana! Como es posible que sea el 2015 y tengamos la mente tan cerrada? Y la verdad no me sorprende en lo absoluto, nuestro hermoso continente Americano es un gran arco iris de colores pero lamentablemente lo unico que casi se ve en la tele es blanco, claro! Eso tambien se debe a que nuestras razas de color casi estan marginalizadas y no tienen las mismas oportunidades.”

Facebook English Translation

“If Lupita She was blonde and blue eyes there were reclamandola like Mexican! How is it possible that it is 2015 and we have the mind so closed? And the truth I am not surprised at all, our beautiful American continent is a big rainbow of colors but unfortunately the only thing that you can almost see on TV is white, of course! That also is due to the fact that our races of color almost are marginalized and do not have the same opportunities.”


Claudia Castillo Mata says:

“Lupita Nyong’o no es de origen Latino. Es de origen Africano pero nacida en Mexico solamente porque sus padres alli trabajaban cuando la Madre de ella dio a luz. That’s it!!!”

Facebook English Translation

“Lupita Nyong’o is not of Latin origin. It is of African origin but born in Mexico only because their parents worked there when her mother gave birth. That’s it!!!”


Nickacia Forrester says:

“It’s crazy how Latino people get so mad, if a black person is born in a Latino country and called themselves Latino, chill out guys being black is not a disease smile emoticon you’re not different, we are all human beings, know your history also because Latino is mixed with black, history proves it, even if I know it will be so hard to understand and to believe since most of the Latino are racist even with the own black people in their country”

 Nyong’o is such a beautiful soul and she is so genuine and I believe she is such an educated woman.  It is amazing that she embraces her Kenyan culture while still showing love for the place she was born which was Mexico City. There is no reason to judge and analyze if she is Latina enough or not. This isn’t our place nor our purpose.






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