Words of Wisdom on Christmas Eve


Jingle Bell Rocks and there goes the holiday bells. Did you hear them?

Okay one more time. And there goes the holiday bells? How about now?

Still no? Well than there is no harm in using our imagination.

The holidays are truly the best time of year. I am not just saying that either. We spend time with our love ones and get ready to see our family or that one relative  who only comes around on Christmas. Either for the egg nog or to brag about their raise or most recent vacation trip even sometimes their third or for fourth engagement.

But this is the season to spread the love and open up our hearts. I know you have probably heard this over and over again.

But …I will tell you another time!

The Christmas holiday isn’t only about presents and maxing out your credit card to buy gifts and listening to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You on repeat. It is a season to express all your joy and happiness. It is about having a positive mind and sharing your affection for those around you.

We must remember there are some people who doesn’t have the same things you have. Some children do not have two parents to wake up to on Christmas morning. There are people without homes and clothes on their back and food on the table.

There are woman in shelters with their children who might have face domestic violence or abuse. There are people living on the streets without a warm blanket or a bed to lay on. Many people don’t have a huge family to celebrate with and are forced to be alone on such a family oriented holiday.

This is why we must appreciate every moment we have and think about Christmas a little deeper than usual. Think about what Christmas is like for some of these people or maybe what it really means to them.

Let’s not be so keen and eager to open gifts even though that is a special part of Christmas day.

Let’s just enjoy the moment and create blissful memories with our loved ones and remain thankful.

At #IAMENOUGH blog we want to wish you and your family a Happy Happy Happy holiday.




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