A New Year brings a New Chapter…

Let’s start off by saying Happy New Year and wishing you and all your loved ones a safe and healthy one.   Hence, let’s truly start off by thinking of this New Year as a New Chapter.  I should first acknowledge what a new chapter really means. A new chapter is just really a new beginning and creating new memories, essentially starting off fresh.

We constantly pressure ourselves a few weeks or even days before each New Year to have resolutions and task to fulfill in the New Year.

When we begin overthinking and overanalyzing anything before it even occurs or plays out, this could be crucial. This is not telling you to not set goals or permitting you from obtaining aspirations. This is just saying to not over pressure yourself, we tend to beat ourselves to be greater and better than we already are.

Pressure begins creating anxiety and disappointment in your life because you are finding it difficult mastering this or do that. What then happens is that you begin adding additional stress on your plate, which isn’t healthy for anyone. Let’s take this New Chapter and begin living in the moment and enjoying life while it is here.

There is never any harm in accepting life for what it is and building new memories and beginnings. Tomorrow or the next day is never promised to us so we must cherish what we have now and create a life for ourselves. No one but you can control your life and what you decide to do with it.

I can’t measure if life is short or if life is long but what I do know is that it’s truly precious. We must give ourselves credit when it is due and take pride in who we are and appreciate the things we have done for ourselves.

So let’s enjoy the ride on this journey into the Next Chapter , that is 2016.

-Signed Jenay



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