An Acronym for Afro-Latinas




Do you remember being in school and the teacher asked you to create a acronym for your name? I always thought that task was a bit challenging because I could never find the perfect words that fit me.


I wanted to create an acronym for Afro-Latinas so they could have something to look to and feel proud of.


We are products and descendants of such a prominent and powerful group of people. The African influence among our culture is truly visible. Therefore, we must continue to acknowledge the African presence throughout Latin America.


We withhold a unique but imperative heritage that is unfortunately not recognized as much as it should be. But it is still vital because of our blended cultures. It introduces our best of both worlds , combining the African and Latin influence upon our culture and traditions.


We want people to recognize our community and respect our presence within the Latina culture.


We are constantly denied of being Latino because the color of our skin and we deserve the same opportunity that every other Latino has to embrace who they are.


Afro-Latinas are as Latina as it gets.

We just have some extra flavor. We are multiethnic and multicultural , that doesn’t make us any less Latina.


We must preserve our culture and keep it alive because it is rich and so significant. We must never loose the community we obtain but continue to appreciate it and display our gratitude.


Our ancestors were brought to Latin America as slaves and forced to leave their homelands to work and were treated poorly. They were forced to accustom to a culture that wasn’t theirs.  Through the trials and tribulations they faced ; they still kept their culture and overcame these obstacles.

We see our African influence and it is visible in our Latin traditions. For that reason our ancestors are treasure because they embodied strength and persistence. This gave us a gateway and the privilege to still see the legacy that they left behind for us today.


As Afro-Latinas our cultural identity is vital and serves a essential purpose. So we shall influence positively among those who aren’t familiar with the term or who want to identify with our community.

Negra Bella

Embrace your skin and be  proud of your curls  and your thick hair.

Because it is BEAUTIFUL .


Never let anyone deny you of being Latina because of your skin. Express your traditions and customs just like any other Latina would.

Start being that strong Afro-Latina that you are and live on.





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  1. Sarah Taylor says:

    My favorite out of the acronym is negra Bella !:) hehe


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