Stop Shaming ; Start Embracing

Mexican , Puerto Rican , Cuban , Dominican , Haitian , Jamaican , Panamanian , Black , Asian  and the list can go on.

We are all seen as minorities in the land of America. In the eyes of many there is no separation between us except our geography , we are not seen as a majority.

Our cultural identities may differ but we are still all considered people of color. It doesn’t make you any better if your Latina and it doesn’t make you any better if your black.

So …Why do we all tend to separate ourselves when we are all blatantly in the same position ?

Back in the old times if you weren’t white you were black. We would have all been shackled and chained and forced into slavery. There’s no difference whether you were light skin , brown skin , dark skin , Mexican , Black  , Latina we would have all been on the same boat.

Regardless , you would have been discriminated against and looked down upon if you weren’t a white American.

Why is it that in society today our Blacks & Latinos treat each other so wrong?

Why do so many Latinas deny their African roots ?

Why do some quickly identify as ” Spaniards” and push away there blackness?



There is African influence all over Latin America. In our food , culture , music and dance. Our ancestors left their legacy behind and preserved their culture so we could cherish and celebrate it today .



 African slaves that were in the states couldn’t do that they were ripped of their culture and forced to live a life that wasn’t there’s. Slaves had to change their names and could only sing there songs and express there emotions on the cotton fields.So why can’t we embrace our blackness and be proud of our roots. I am not saying to not embrace your Latina heritage but don’t shame your roots because it is evident that the African influence plays an essential role in many of the Latino population.

It is seen in some Latino cultures that being dark isn’t good , we are classified in this negative category. It is vital that we recognize blackness as strength , beauty , magnificent . Let’s ‘s begin to praise the essence of blackness .We need to change the perspective of black . We are seeing blackness represented more and more but people still have this mindset and opinions with association to being black.

Black is all over! In  Latin America , Caribbean , Central America  we spread out worldwide.

To my Latino’s who might want to identify with the Afro-Latino culture but are afraid to.Celebrate your roots and take pride in your culture.

To my Latina’s whose parents have told them to not date a black man because white is right . Do what you believe is right because the color of someone’s skin doesn’t define who they are.

So starting today lets stop denying our blackness or our African roots because there is a community of people who are just like you.

Embody your cultural identity .



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sky Britnei says:

    loving your blog right now ! glad to see another afro latina understand and hit on some points that i preach to my own family and friends daily !


    1. Jenay Wright says:

      Thank you so much for your comment!


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