Conscious Afro-Latin


Individuals must really try and  understand what it means to be an Afro-Latino and take the time to understand our cultural experience. That’s why many bloggers, musicians , poets , historians  who are products of the African Diaspora in Latin America are truly taking out the time to educate those about our existence .

By identifying as an Afro-Latino, you are already taking the steps into reclaiming your African and Latin American roots. There is a misconception that  ” Afro-Latinos ” don’t acknowledge their blackness. If this was the case then why would the term be called “AFRO” or ” BLACK” Latina.This is the  bulk of our presence , we are proud of our roots we are letting it be known that we take pride in our African identity.But we cannot ignore our Latin culture .

As an African American & second generation Panamanian , saying I was just that wasn’t enough. This was because in the black community  I was not black enough and to the Latino community I wasn’t Latina enough. What people really need to understand is that this becomes a hurdle when people are constantly telling you who you are and what your not. Afro-Latino is what signifies several of individuals around this world. This is because when some people see a black person that speaks spanish , we are seen as the outsiders or the outcast. There are some who actually find it interesting and want to learn more and some who will discriminate against you and dismiss your presence.

OR call you derogatory names in spanish.  .

JWI’m a Cocola

or a Mayate

or sometimes a Chomba.

NO !  


I descend from people who were taken from their land , robbed of their culture and were forced to accustom to a culture that wasn’t theirs. Black Latinos are  none of these offensive names , our ancestors were POWERFUL, FEARLESS , COURAGEOUS and most of all STRONG and as descendants so are we. It is disrespectful to my people  derogatory statements whether it is in spanish or english.

Our Brown Skin is eminent , our  Afro is magical , our experience is phenomenal and our existence matters. So give us enough respect to recognize us and represent us the right way. Afro-Latinos are descendants  and we are a living diaspora.


There is this image that being black is not a good thing , when being it is such a beautiful thing.  However, some people who are black Latinos often deny their blackness.Having had met some  people who were blatantly darker Latinos or have Afrocentric features and they would say I am not black. I am from Spain.

I won’t  argue with people and force them to identify with being Afro-Latino. I will continue to educate and inform these individuals about us and then let them decide. But I will say this you can’t erase your blackness.



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