The Celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month


Do you see your flag?  I see mines!!!


There it is !


Okay, Let me not get distracted.

I’ll give you a few seconds to find your flag. 

Recently, I learned that the month of June is National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. This is something I had no clue was celebrated nationally, but newsflash …IT IS and we should make it known worldwide. Living in the United States we’re exposed to a multiplicity of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions’ and cultures. You name it we got it! This is what makes this country what it is; because of its range in diversity. There should be a high demand for recognition in all aspects for those who make up this country and most cases there is but people don’t know.

The millions of people who descend from the Caribbean Islands partake in this nation’s story in many ways, says the Caribbean-American Month Organization. This month not only shows gratitude and homage but it honors every Caribbean -American living in this country and our existence here which is a big step. My goal for this blog post is to prepare my readers who are of Caribbean descent and help raise awareness about this national celebration for years to come.

The Presidential Proclamation tells us that during the National Caribbean-American Heritage Month we should celebrate the contributes of our Caribbean-American brothers and sisters and reflect on how they have strengthened our nation and enriched our traditions. There are many countries and places that don’t take the time to acknowledge people who have affected them tremendously.  So, it is a blessing to see that my ancestors who came here and made a difference in this country are being shown appreciation.

As an Afro-Latina, Afro-Caribbean and a woman of color I have so much pride in my roots and so should you.

As we close out this month of June, we will do our parts through this next year to bring more attention for the next time around.

For more information about National Caribbean-American Heritage Month visit their website. 






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