My Black..My Power…MyAfroLatinos

Black Power

Case 1

I got arrested and they read me my miranda rights. They cuffed me and asked me what I was ethnically. I told them Black and Latina and they delivered that message to the station.They said I have a 21 year old Black Latina female and we are taking her in.

Case 2

I got arrested and they read me my miranda rights.They cuffed me and told the station they have a 21 year old African-American female and they are taking her in. 


Which case you think is more realistic now?

I am hoping you went with Case 2 because that is exactly what is going to happen. Police won’t ask you what is your ethnic background.They go based off what they see. Especially if you look “black or have black features”they will identify  you as black. So what does this tell you?

Yes , Afro-Latinos this is our fight too and Latinos as well. This means you should be mad as hell too. There is no way I am not affected by all of these young African -Americans dying from police brutality. Even as an Afro-Latina, I know I have been or will be racially profiled at some point. My skin is #BLACK my features are #BLACKand my roots are #AFRICAN so this too is my power. 

Black Power is a political slogan that was  used to achieve self-determination for people of African descent. This means you too Afro-Latinos. Although it was utilized by  African-Americans during racial oppression you are still black and I urge you to be apart of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

I am truly hurt and destroyed by all the malicious acts occurring around our nation with police abusing their powers. This makes me question if we really obtain the freedom this country proclaims we have. I question if this act of violence will ever get better in time. 

Will generations that come after this have to put up with being afraid to go out while being Black? The fear of getting shot to death just because the color of your skin. This has all been said before over and over again.

I am writing this piece directly to my community of #AfroLatinx to bring awareness to this movement and let you know this is our fight too.



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  1. Very true we afrolatinos need to be part of this battle because it also affect us.


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