Uplifting One More Voice


By Jenay Wright — We all have a voice.We all have a story.We all have the capability to express ourselves.

There are some people willing to listen and others who won’t even give you the time of day.

As a woman and as a BLACK woman at that; I have been silenced for too long.The idea of any woman speaking  never existed  once upon a time.

 If they did their voice wasn’t valued or even acknowledged.

So … why would we abandon this “Right” we have been given. I use “Right” because this is something we earned, we fought and protested for.We as in our ancestors; those who were devoted to giving us the liberty and freedom to speak our minds.

In other parts of the world women are still being controlled, oppressed, persecuted and abused. They are still being victimized and told they have no voice.

I must exercise and stress this to other woman that they must utilize their voice. We must speak up for everything we believe in.

There is no reason to not express who you, This could be a gateway to helping inspire other women.

When I started blogging I had no idea anybody cared to read what I had to say or if anybody would possibly relate. But I stopped contemplating about who will read my blog but instead I worried about who will this empower.

I thought this will encourage another young Afro-Latina who struggled with their identity. A young woman who felt empty about who they were. By hearing other women’s stories this encouraged me to use the art of communication and use my voice through writing. 

I want to influence a few women out there and I have been able to and I am forever grateful. I believe and want to begin this cycle and evolution of uplifting one more voice.

Let’s impact our community of women to find their voice.

Let’s inspire self-expression and use the art of communication to do so whether it’s through music, dance, visual arts, instruments and writing.However, you must express yourself. DO IT !!!

Your voice can help uplift just one more.



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