1 Year Blogging Anniversary!!

By Jenay Wright — I have this voice and I had this dream. It so happened that they both connected through destiny and it was interesting how faith kept them going. Doubts are danger. Doubting is dangerous. I say that twice to reiterate the message that doubts can get in the way of what you want. If you let it and if you allow it. Society will try to normalize it but I tell you today seize control and conquer your dreams.

You are truly capable of doing anything that you put your mind to through determination and strength. There will be moments you might feel discouraged or unmotivated but never stop loving what you love to do. It’s unquestionably rewarding how far following your aspirations will take you in time.

I always loved to write. I knew the paper lied in the first draw of my dresser. I knew the pencil will always be sharpened adjacent to my black sharpener. It just never crossed my mind what I wanted to write or what I needed to say.

Until a year ago. I was a keen college senior studying journalism in the Windy City of Chicago. During the four years I studied in college I had no idea what was my calling. Here I am studying to be in a field that involves communications and sharing my thoughts with the world. My duty was to inform and educate. I was surrounded by individuals who knew exactly what they wanted to write about and their audience was right there ready to listen.

A year ago… I was lost and I was ready to give up on writing because I had limited time to find my purpose. A year ago…I was still struggling with my identity and lacked self-love. A year ago … I had no clue I would find a community of people who were like me and who cared to listen to my story. A Year ago … I didn’t think this blog that just started just for a class would ever still exist.

But today, a year later #IAMENOUGH blog is still here. It is more than just a blog to me but my baby and my vision. I am so thankful and so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my journey and my life. Blogging gives you the freedom to say what you want and express everything you feel. It gives you full control and with that freedom I couldn’t just blog about myself. There’s no way it would just be all about me. It had to be about our experience as a Black and Latina woman.

A community of women who are underrepresented and don’t get enough recognition. I understood this experience and could no longer stay in silence. I wanted to use my blog as a platform for other women to use the power of speech to their advantage. I wanted a chain reaction of stories that will echo over generations and generations. I want my blog to feel like your blog and your platform and your opportunity.

I want it to represent your individual experience and in years to come still empower women to love themselves and embrace whoever they might be. I conspire to inspire.

The girl who was to black to be Latina.

The girl whose hair was to nappy to be Latina.

The girl who didn’t fit into society’s beauty standards.

To that girl a year today.

She is content.

She is beautiful.

She is a proud  Afro-Latina Blogger.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary #IAMENOUGH!

Thank you to a wonderful year and all beautiful Afro-Latinas who took part in it !





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