a-blackThere was a time not to long that a person like me couldn’t work
There was a time not to long ago that a person like me was shackled
There was a time that people like me were whipped on their back
A time I had no voice or was ridiculed for speaking my mind
But only for my kind 
Yes my kind  “BLACK, a black WOMAN” 
It’s hard out here for us BLACK WOMEN
It wasn’t until 1870 a person my COLOR  could vote 
Another….50 YEARS for a woman to vote 
Is what I have
Our Ancestors suffered it all to get this right
We are descendants of activist who fought so we can see another day , be educated another day, work another day and live a life of prosperity
Killed off
RAPPED  force to accustom to a culture that wasn’t ours!!
How can we sit back and take life for granted 
We should cherish every breathe given to us 
It is those who lived before us who sacrificed their life even when they couldn’t really live 
Where they could walk on land but couldn’t own a house on it
Where they had to wake up and go to bed as a slave 
We can wake up and not see shackles along our feet or hands and not see an ANGRY WHITE  owner or master ready to whip US  or what they called
This is not a reminder but a CALL OF ACTION
This can’t be forgotten or buried deep down in a grave 
Don’t take this life for granted because there was a time not to long ago I couldn’t even write this.

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