By Jenay Wright —Being Black means the world. While many will try their hardest to hide this part of them. I have to embrace it. Apart of Self-Love is loving all that comes with you. If you carry that Black magic with you, it’s essential to celebrate it. There is more to being Black then your physical skin color. 

Your culture. Your roots traces back to the motherland. 

I would die to know what part of Africa my blood runs through. My Black matters and through a lifetime I’ve seen and heard people try to change that perception. Individuals try to justify that anything associated to Black is wrong. 

Repeating words like “Blacks are ghetto” or “Blacks are loud.”

As a Black woman how do you think that makes me feel. I was born into this world Black was born to a Black mother and father. Who not only loved me but showed me care and nurturing. I was born into a world where my race was hated and there was nothing I  could do about it. 

I couldn’t change minds and sentiments about my race. But I can tell you that this only made me want to show my Blackness more and love my roots even more. I didn’t entertain all of this hate instilled in individuals and I couldn’t show hate back to them. Instead, I wanted to lift up my people and teach young black men and women that you are cherished. If people didn’t want to recognize me then they didn’t have to.

If they didn’t think I was beautiful they didn’t have to. But I can’t erase my blackness. Even if I could I wouldn’t.  

Black History Month is devoted to celebrating what my people accomplished; acknowledging those who came before me and fought for what they believe in. Still to this day we are making Black History my young brothers and sisters are still preserving our culture. That’s right Black culture. It will never die and I say this with power and pride. 

My Black journey doesn’t end here it’s only the beginning! 


Happy Black History Month!



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  1. priceless21 says:

    Yes. I love this.


    1. Jenay Wright says:

      Thank you so much

      Liked by 1 person

  2. priceless21 says:

    Reblogged this on Forever Black Effusion.


  3. Kenya Imara says:

    Great post! I take pride in being a Black woman and love seeing other Black women embrace their roots rather than be ashamed of them. Really enjoyed reading!


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