A Selena Tribute by Anais & Mirabelle Lee



Our Queen of Tejano music, Mexican-American, a music icon and legend, Selena Quintanilla is a name that will never be forgotten.

Her music and enduring legacy will forever live on and continue to change lives of many.

Selena’s soul is resting but her spirit lives through the diversity of individuals.



The sound of her voice echoes worldwide and her impact carries on. From her dance moves, red lipstick and beautiful smile, Selena we are always dreaming of you and will continue to cherish your legacy.

 In honor of the iconic Selena Quintanilla’s birthday, two talented and gifted identical twins, Anais and Mirabelle Lee, performed an extraordinary dance tribute. Anais and Mirabelle are both icons in the making. This dynamic duo at just the age of 10 years old accomplished so much. By using the art of dance to pay tribute to the late Selena shows just how much she has heavily impacted many lives.

Like Selena, the girls are empowering and are very inspirational to many young ladies around the world. Standing as role models for their generation is extremely prevalent especially for young girls. As Selena began her debut at the age of 10 she too encouraged her generation at that time to be all they can be.

Anais and Mirabelle are triple threats pursing acting , modeling and dancing. We see their passion and drive through the arts and are making history.  The girls has been seen in the film ” Blood Ties” and  in the series “The Blacklist” and has modeled for brands like Puma Kids , Sak’s 5th Avenue and have walked for Nike and Levi’s runway show in NYC. The Philly born duo are positive idols and absolutely phenomenal. 

In loving memory of Selena the girls chose the record Si Un Vez which was remade by Lesile Grace, Frankie J and Wisin. 



Check out the video below of the girls showcasing their dancing skills and keep up with the girls on Instagram @anaismirabelle.

Watch Selena perform Si Un Vez at Noche De Carnaval in Miami 1995

Check out Si Un Vez remix by Lesile Grace, Frankie J and Wisin.







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