Dear Black Girl, I love you.

Simone Gillon


So this past weekend I shaved my hair. I didn’t realize how much weight it held until a ton of black men called me out for cutting my Afro off and then not liking my new style.

Here I am, a black woman who chose to do something for her once and being free. I didn’t really realize how much women are held accountable for the little things, let alone black women.

As a black woman, I’m held to a standard that’s impossible to reach. My body is held to standards that are either not good enough or too good to be point it’s stripped away by culture vultures.

This is said one too many times but unfortunately, it’s hard being a black woman. You have to work not twice, but three times as hard to just get an ounce of respect from not only our community but those who want to see us fail. It hurts that we have to work so hard and we get so little in return. It seems as though…we can never win. It’s always those who claim they are so “woke” and “here” but will turn around and knock us down 10 notches.

Black women hold so much charm and magic and I am so thrilled everytime I see a care-free black girl or woman.


We live in a time when so so so (I cannot stress it enough) black women are choosing to express themselves freely and not really caring about what anyone thinks. It’s such a beautiful moment and I live for them. I’m apart of them. I encourage them.

I can’t write for all black women and our experiences, only mine. I can only talk about what I’ve felt and experienced in my 24 years of life. I still have so much life to live, I still have a journey to go through and I still have a ton of experiences to live. I’m ready for it, or at least I think I am.

I know that I stand on the shoulders of giants and that I have my ancestors protecting me through it all. Black women are some (if not all) strongest women I know. We endure so much pain, process and heartache and we almost never complain about it. Why? Because of our strength and willingness to want better not only for ourselves but for our loved ones.


Black women, I love you.

I’m here for you.

I care for you.

I hear you.

I see you.

-Simone Gilon



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  1. builtbyflaws says:

    First and foremost I just want to say your haircut is BOMB ! Screw the haters . In addition, you hit on so much in this. As a black woman also I definitely agree with working three times hard. We have to work against the superior class, but then fight against our own people ( as in black males) to take note for what we do for all people .

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  2. Your haircut is absolutely gorgeous! I agree, we black women work twice as hard and we NEVER complain. We are indeed a strong beautiful race. Well written post


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