Reclaiming My Identity; Jenay Wright

.camtempI look at beautiful brown people as they walk pass me as they talk and laugh, they look just like me. Shopping in soho, with their beautiful brown skin and bright smiles while the sun shinned so bright on their melanated color. They wear blackness so bold and so confident. 

I looked back at my reflection and asked why do I constantly question my blackness and ask if that’s enough. As if there is some number system that tells you how black you really are. I want to be way more confident and content about my blackness. I should embrace it just the same because there is no one singling me out or pointing fingers but me.

IMG_4411I don’t know why I silence myself so much. I feel black enough on the inside but can people see the same thing I see. The same passion and dedication I have for my community. 

Do I wear it enough on the outside? My identity is questioned but nobody asked me. I asked myself. Where do I fit in. As an Afro-Panamanian and African-American I inherit black roots on both sides but both experiences are different. As an Afro-Latina I feel content I feel like I am reclaiming my roots and embracing my culture. But on my African-American side I want to feel my blackness. My identity is very important to me I want to make sure I am not neglecting any part that makes up who I am. 

My amazing intelligent friend Simone gave me very powerful advice while I struggled to write this piece on my Afro-American Identity. She told me that I am black and blackness is transparent. It just made me feel empowered more than I have ever felt in my life. I always knew I was black but I just never felt it as much as I do now.

My blackness is something that can’t be taken away from me it’s mines! No one can ever deny me of all this melanin that lies along my flesh. I am a black queen, melanin goddess and always conscious.  So thank you Simone for encouraging me to embrace something that was already there something that already exist.


As much as I am content with my Afro-Latina identity I want that balance with my African-American identity. I want to welcome more African-American narratives on this platform as well. I want to untie all black women no matter if you hail from America, Nigeria, Cuba or anywhere. I want to celebrate our unity and by sticking together no matter where we settle.



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