When you’ve been so brainwashed into believing your own hair and your own skin and your existence isn’t wanted for so long.

What reaction do you expect?

When you have been oppressed and forced to adopt a culture that isn’t yours.

Do you not expect a revolution?

When you were once segregated from others and not giving the same opportunities because of the color of your skin.

Should I not be mad?

When you had to sit in the back of the bus or stand up when your feet was hurting just to give your seat to the oppressors.

Why can’t I sit comfortably?

When your forced to change your name because it wasn’t Western enough or had to erase your religion or traditions.

What’s wrong with embracing my culture?

I think you get it now.

This is for the people who has a problem with my pride and an issue with my blackness. This is a wake up call more like an early bird special. I am tired of people trying to stop my revolution and interrupt my movement. I’m not apologizing for my actions and I am not shutting up because you want me to.

Being Black in America is not easy not in this country aka “Home of the Free” and not in many other places. There is people still being enslaved to this day, if you haven’t heard whats going on in Libya. Get with it.

There is still people being killed for being black just for that and no other reason.

What’s the difference from when we were being hung ? Just another way to kill? It’s eternal suffering and pain that will scar us forever for eternity.

People weren’t being penalized to lynch my people before and they aren’t being properly prosecuted now because they wear badges. Oh sorry my bad.

A  badge or white hood , mask or robe nothing looks different for me.

This may sound like a rant to you but it’s not it’s the emotions and sentiments of many people that look like me. 

Yes, I can walk free. Yes, I am not shackled nor segregated and I have more liberty and I am thankful for that. I pay tribute to those who came before me and fought for my freedom.

  My point is that my voice matters and my story will be told regardless of who want’s to hear it or not. So for those who seem to always have an issue with hearing Black success stories or speaking of their pride.

Remember what happened was not to long ago. Look at where we are today and even though there is still a long way to go for us.

We going to get there. If you don’t like it then move the hell out our way.


Jenay Wright

PS: This is just the preview.

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