5 times Nitty Scott did it for Negritas

By Jenay Wright – Afro-Boricua Nitty Scott speaks life and her music is a empowering movement. If you don’t already it time follow a long. When I listen to music I want to feel empowered and motivated. As music is an art of expression  its a necessity for me to take things away from each song or lyric.  This is the exact feeling I get from Nitty Scott whether its a verse, freestyle, album or cypher she does it for me. She does it for her community and for womanhood.

Women who look like me and you, shes representing for us. As a multi-talented rapper, performer her craft  is one that has made me feel appreciated and celebrated. To me what stands out to me in music is creativity and authenticity and in rap music the lyrics is the master piece. I want to be recognized for more than my sexuality and more than my assets. I want my story told and acknowledged and Nitty Scott is the truth.

As a  young negrita from the Bronx, New York I relate to you and your message and I am rooting for you.

So sit back and relax and lets live through five times Nitty did it for the Negritas.


Photo credit: Blavity
Photo Credit: Blavity


 Monster Free Style 


 La Diaspora





Purchase Nitty Scott’s album Creature at  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/creature/1244793697

 Flower Child





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