This Afro-Latina – Jenay Wright

This is Afro-Latina

The one with the 4c here pinned up so elegantly

My Spanglish goes far in these New York Streets

My brown melanated skin I am not exotic you see

The finest negrita walking down the Grand concourse scene

My mami she’s a Panamanian queen

Raised in the city of Colon, don’t remember much but her culture lives through me

My mama is black, she doesn’t always cook no rice and beans

After school, she whipped up fry chicken with that velveeta mac & cheese

Blasted  bidi bidi bom bom on my mp3

Only knew the chorus but that never stopped me

I held my lipsmacker and sang so loudly

Mi canta asi asi

Time to brush your hair stop playing around with me

They said I had pelo malo

So it took a little longer for me

Took out the pink lotion and the pink hard brush for mami

And the just for me

Not everyone always understands my story, that’s okay for now

Cause I know who I am and that’s all that counts

This Afro-Latina


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