Afro Poderoso – Kiara Lora




‘Till this day, my mom is in disbelief how much my hair has changed over the last couple of years. “Te lo córtate otra vez?!”

She would ask me often with a face of disappointment. 

And I tell her no, as if I showed her an impressive magic trick.

This magic trick is called shrinkage.

This power that’s manifested just from the roots. Not just the roots of my scalp, pero los raíces de mi antecendientes. 

She’s dumbfounded by how my hair rose from the fire, how it’s flourished into this beautiful garden with just some water, love, care and patience. 

She’s surprised that this ‘hairstyle’ was not tampered by chemicals but passed on from our predecessors that came before me, and her.

Oh, it’ll pass she says, “ese es la moda de ahora.” No no no mami, this ‘hairstyle’ is here to stay.

My hair is here to stay. Our history is here to stay and remind you of where we really came from.

This is not a phase, this is not a fashion trend, this is a movement. This is me, this is us.’




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