Don’t Claim My Melanin – Jenay Wright

Don’t claim my melanin just to be a trend

Because when I was made fun of for it, where were you then?

Were you ugly or a monkey, you didn’t wipe my tears

Instead, you used your light skin privilege, you can’t understand any of my fears

My identity existed, but I could never identify

Cause I wasn’t a true Latina, my color never exemplified

You taught me to hate my hair

My braids were so funny, now you can wear them proudly

Tuh how is that fair

My identity is more than my hair

Glad I finally know

What it means to be a proud black woman

Something you never showed

Now that we are on billboards or magazines, it’s okay to claim

Or is it because you want your 5 seconds for fame

Being a black woman isn’t a game

It’s nothing you just say then just walk away

Be ready to fight

Stand up for what’s right

Hold your ground and keep your composure tight

Because when it’s time to deal with the battles and the war

Keep that same energy, don’t walk away from it all

Claim your blackness because its what’s right

Not for likes or shares

If that’s your true plan leave it at the door

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Diamonte Verde says:

    WE STAN FOR THIS! This was so powerful, the words spokenof such truth. I always y’all about how box braids and weaves and wigs was never okay for black girls to wear, now look at everyone trying to be down with the culture. The problem is people think our culture is a trend, and more people need to be calling them out on it!


  2. Love this! Be strong, be proud of who you are and stay true to yourself!

    I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out my blog @Gigi’s-Not-So-Secret-Journal

    Gigi x


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