Why don’t you do your hair? – Jenay Wright



unnamed (1)


Why don’t you do your hair?

My hair is done all my puffs and naps

My kinks and coils deserve a standing ovation. Stand up and Clap

Edge control don’t hold my frizz, it rises back up

It’s natural I give her all my love

It ain’t soft either and no baby hairs exist here

No water will lay them down either and to my knowledge my-ancestors did not care

They wore their plats and braids and we’re beautiful queens

Strong and bold beside their kings

My hair is my problem it shouldn’t concern you

I walk pass the mirror and fix my crown maybe you should too

You can’t understand a queens hair

That’s why you continue to stare

Why don’t you do your hair ?

My question is why do you ?

My hair is done can’t you see

This thick texture created just for me

So don’t criticize just compliment the beauty you see

A Black woman’s hair = pure beauty


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