Meet Sarah Taylor + Christine Fontelle: Afro-Latinas Dedicated to Therapeutically Healing Their Communities

Each and every day we repeat our daily routines. We get out of bed, slightly yawn, and make our way to the bathroom to brush our teeth while contemplating if work is worth going into. Grab our favorite face scrub and the shea moisture product to style our hair. Can’t ever forget that eco gel to slick back those edges and lay down those baby hairs. The same way we remember to take care of our hair, face, and body every single day is the same energy that should be put into our mental health. There is so much healing to be done amongst the minority communities. There is so much we have entirely faced collectively whether is oppression, systematic racism, genocide, sexual assault, depression, anxiety and so much more. 

Mental Wellness plays a significant role in self – care and self-love and the month of July is devoted to shedding light on this topic. Happy Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! Between the lack of resources available provided to these communities and the stigma that exists in seeking assistance when battling mental health, there is work to be done. This month is extremely prevalent because there needs to be a continuous amount of education and support on this topic. It starts by raising awareness and consciousness but modifying the negative beliefs of receiving proper treatment. This month I truly want to uplift and empower my Afro – Latinx / Black community and provide a safe space for your emotional wellness.  I would like to highlight two women dedicated to collectively healing our community. From two different therapeutic approaches, I want to shed light on Sarah Taylor and Christina Fontenelle’. Their resources are working towards healing the mind, body, and souls of the community. 


Yo Soy Ella Inc


Yo Soy Ella is a non – profit support group devoted to uplifting and empowering the mental and emotional wellbeing of Latina, Black, and women of color. The organization provides essential tools that teach their women to strive to their highest and fullest potential.

Through providing self – enrichment, and self- empowerment workshops this helps motivates these young ladies to use their voice. But also to find the strengths to alleviate themselves and the people around them. Yo Soy Ella is made up of resilient and strong women who are advocates for promoting spiritual healing. From different backgrounds and skin tones, diversity and dedication reveal how powerful and passionate the community of women is.

Yo Soy Ella, based in Chicago, Illinois was founded by Sarah Taylor who holds her M.S.W and is an Afro-Latina of Panamanian Descent. Sarah’s ambition and devotion to heal the Latinx/Black community is one that we celebrate and honor because it is extremely important.

Sarah Taylor, Founder + Executive at Yo Soy Ella Inc 


Yo Soy Ella offers a variety of services from mental health support, legal advocacy and educational services, and domestic violence survivor resources. They are currently offering free counseling to anyone in need and working to improve mental wellness. 


Head over to to start your spiritual healing journey.

Fontenelle Art LLC


Christina Fontenelle, Founder of Fontenelle Art LLC 


Fontenelle Art is a therapeutic space striving to heal individuals through the expression of art and dance movement. From getting the body moving and creative thoughts flowing this presents freedom and empowerment of a breakthrough. This displays a different approach from your average sit down and talk therapy. This challenges the mind and body to express themselves artistically.



Fontenelle Art is working to help those in need of emotional support from trauma, pain, discomfort, transition and etc as they described in their Instagram. Christina E. Fontenelle is the founder of these prominent spaces and is an Afro-Latina artist who Colombian / Black French descent. Her work primarily focuses on psychotherapy through an expressive, cultivating, and innovative approach. Fontenelle Art is an essential mental health and creative arts wellness company based in Chicago, Illinois.



Their purpose is solely to uplift and stimulates internal and external wellness in communities in the Midwest. This space collaborates with educational programs like After School Matters, Illinois State University, TRIO Indiana, and St. Louis College Access Program. Fontenelle Art LLC offers online services due to the current COVID – 19 pandemic to obtain a virtual healing experience. They offer tons of services from art & movement therapy to empowering speaking events.




There is so community and unity within this creative wellness space and for more resources head over to


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