Sis, Self – Care isn’t Selfish it’s Essential – Jenay Wright


Sis! I want you to breathe in and exhale. Through every release of your breathe I want you to let go of any stress, triggers, tribulations,  anything else that is consuming all of your energy. At this moment it is about you and nobody else. Whether you are a mum, executive assistant, caretaker, therapist, or best friend I need you to not focus on your title or position in others’ lives for a few seconds. 

This will solely be about your mental, emotional,  physical space. Nothing else matters right now but you. Are you ready? Begin to breathe in and out with me 3 to 10 times. There is no right or wrong way to do this, I want you to be at peace with yourself and everything around you. 

I want your inner self to be filled with calmness and relaxation. Forget about anything else that doesn’t serve you joy, happiness,  fulfillment at this time. How does it feel to focus on you? To not think about anything or anyone else but your own self. Feels good,  don’t it? Now if we incorporate this into our daily lives and wake up and pat ourselves on our backs. We would potentially feel different.

If you’re like me then your energy always seems to be put into everything else around you. It is truly unhealthy to neglect yourself and not ensure your fulfillment in life and all the other aspects that make up your life. We get so used to our daily routines that revolve around others we don’t ever take time for ourselves. Then when we have the opportunity to spend time with ourselves we get stuck and don’t even know how to utilize that time accordingly.

Self-care is essential and there should be absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t be instilled in your daily lifestyle. We must take time to breathe and check on ourselves. This is vital for your mental wellness but also showing up and showing out as our best selves. It doesn’t matter how many face masks you put on or how dope your outfit is. If you aren’t internally taking care of yourself you are not applying the right self-care techniques that will benefit you in the long run.

I am truly guilty of this. I don’t take the time to make sure I am good first before others. My Abuelita always told me how significant it is to put yourself first. If you don’t put you first, who else will? Seriously, I’ll wait for you to name names. Because I almost guarantee like myself you have no answers. Of course! It’s great to do for others and make sure the people are around you are okay. But while you’re in the process of doing that. What about you? What about me? Self-care is a priority! Self-care is not selfish! Self-care equates to contentment. And contentment will be the happiness you need to feel WHOLE.

You must prioritize your self-care because how can we serve others if we are constantly forgetting about us. It allows us to be the best people we can be because we are reflecting on ourselves. Reina, if your constantly asking yourself why you are feeling alone, miserable,  empty its time to really analyze the bigger picture here.

Sometimes you have to be your biggest fan or biggest supporter. Because the reality is if you rely on others to make you happy or have these unrealistic expectations you are just hurting yourself. The importance of self-worth comes into play as well and loving all of you wholeheartedly. You are worthy and you are enough and you must believe that in your heart, mind, body,  soul. Tell yourself I love you! Have you done that lately? And girl do not lie to me! Cause I know it’s been a while for myself. Think of this as a reminder for you to not forget about yourself. Set a daily alarm & show yourself some love and celebrate you! Because queen you are phenomenal and you must constantly keep that close to you. We all are working progress and we are in this together. 

Now that you took some time to breathe and be at peace with yourself. Go send that email or call back your bestie and respond to that DM! I’ll see you again soon. And next time we’ll both be where we need to be with ourselves.


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