Pues no me mires – Sharee Yveliz

pues. no me mire.
is what i wish i had the guts to say  all those years ago.
when everything was commented on from my hair, my clothes down to the color on my toes

no me mires
when you dont like my hair because you wouldnt style it as such
when its shaved short, long or my afro and do me a favor don’t touch!

no. me mires.
when i’m wearing my neon colored bathing suit showing alll that i was given and then some.

i had to adapt into the ultima coca cola lifestyle because in no way was i going to let tia.abuela.nina.mami el, ella y ellos
tell me how i should look to please someone else.

Hágame el favor
Don’t look at me

I don’t want to be a topic of conversation amongst your hermanas y comadres about My ever changing body
 The new thing I did with my hair
The clothes i decide to wear
I don’t want your whispers about que sin vergüenza with my tight clothes wrapping my full tummy cuz genetics and plátano maduros are just too good

No se que obsession there is with always having to point out that you’re too skinny, you’re getting too fat, don’t get too dark and the list goes on

Quick to attach nicknames la gorda, flaco or even a food reference to your weight

It’s so easy to become compleja about your body and how you present yourself to the world when your propia familia is keeping tabs on all you ate

With constant comments like no coma tanto que vas engorda & making sure to remind you you don’t wanna blow up like your prima did

Pues no me mires is whats left to say.

Coca Cola comes in different shapes and sizes and you can never go wrong with a cold one

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