Meet Destiny Corporan: Afro-Dominican Tarot Reader and Reiki Master

Spiritual Healing is an essential practice that many use to contribute to improving their overall wellbeing and helps with having better health. From yoga, medidiation, tarot reading and so much more there are endless opportunities to help with your individual healing. It is a space so many souls gravitate to looking for change, transformation and restoration.

Destiny Corporan an Afro-Dominican Spiritual Healing Practitioner is using her platform Serontonin Vibes to provide divination tools to help strengthen lives. Her goal is to help individuals build a deeper connection with themselves and their spirit guides.

Destiny is changing the stigma of how individuals view spirituality. As an Afro-Latina, Destiny is passionate about providing access for people of color to have more access to spiritual healing tools.

Check out Destiny’s journey’s and start your healing !

Who is Destiny Corporan ?

Destiny Corporan is a 24, (soon to be 25th) year old multidimensional creative being! I do what my heart calls me towards. Currently that includes singing, writing, performing, helping others heal through tarot and reiki and guided meditations!

 What inspired  you to create your platform Serotonin Vibes?

On Instagram I felt called to post positive content and ask people how they were feeling. My focus on social media was to provide a place where others were able to check in, feel safe, gain inspiration to take care of themselves emotionally and spiritually. I wanted to see more women like me in the spiritual industry talk about healing.

What methods and tools do you use to instill healing & wellness into your followers ?

I believe our thoughts do influence our behaviors. So cognitive behavioral techniques are definitely the foundation to my work. However, I do implement mindfulness through my tarot card videos/ sessions and meditations. In order to create an impact in our lives, awareness is key. I include these tools so people can walk away with a new perspective, gain more insight and even feel curious enough to dive deeper into their spiritual growth!

Talk to me about your personal journey to becoming a healing practitioner! Can you explain what it is to someone who may not know?

Throughout my entire life I’ve been in therapy. Constantly doing the hard work to heal my trauma, communicate how I feel and find ways to work through my depression and anxiety. Growing up with this mindset of constantly evolving, I began to discover other ways of healing. My therapist once mentioned mindfulness and we did an exercise in which I had to chew gum for five minutes and become very mindful of the entire experience. It was very awkward but it was so raw. I was present in the thick silence, present with my racing thoughts and my breath. This opened up a whole new space in my heart, as I began to practice mindfulness through meditation, tarot and reiki, I knew I had to share this gift with my community.

How important is spreading mindfulness and creating content around this tactic ?

People of color need more access to practice healing in safe spaces and with other POC practitioners. Allowing others to see their power and worth is essential. It is our birthright to step into our light and heal ourselves and our ancestors. Society has casted this ‘hippie white‘ version of spirituality that so many poc don’t feel safe nor encouraged to practice tarot, reiki and meditation,etc. Stepping into this practice was a calling I simply could not ignore.

Has your passion for music contributed to your overall spiritual and emotional growth?

Music heals my heart chakra and throat chakra. It reminds me why my spirit chose to be human. How it’s okay to cry and twerk all at the same time. Music has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. I gained so much confidence in performing and understood what it means to be truly vulnerable and present in front of hundreds of people. Music continues to push me to write my truth. It activates my inner child who used to sing outside with a pink wig on and belt the cheetah girls!!

What does Afro-Latinidad mean to you and how do you express your pride ?

Afro- Latinidad means to STAND IN MY POWER IN ALL SPACES! It means to keep my chin up in white and in latinx spaces. It means to glow and bask in the sun and LET MY SKIN TAN BABY! I express my pride through writing. I love to write and it has been such a healing gateway for me when I first realized my Afro- Latinidad. I wrote BLANKITA and I was so amazed to see how my experiences were incredibly relatable to others.

Do you see a lack of representation in the wellness space for women of color, preferably Black women?

Most definitely! Black women and women of color, aren’t taken seriously in the wellness industry. May it be our families, associates or friends who believe this is a hobby, or Satan’s curse, we are not met with professionalism. We are underestimated! I have been seeing more beautiful women rise up to their truth and share their gifts to the world. I’m honored to know them and inspire more women of color to embrace their passion to help others through wellness!

Your book Blankita explores your Afro-Latina identity and growing up in Washington Heights. Have you ever faced any obstacles in your identity and natural hair ?

Growing up, like many of us, straight hair meant I was pretty. Boys looked at me more on the days I had my hair straight, so I believed I was worthy when I blew my hair out. I felt utterly insecure with my curls and I was never encouraged or inspired to style them. In high school, my best friend Lisbeth inspired me to make a change and leave my hair natural and detach this beauty standard that I knew to be wrong. I said affirmations out loud everyday to instill in my mind that my natural beauty was beautiful.

In that time I had discovered the term “Afro-Latina”, and I was in awe, shock and excitement. For so long, people made me feel ‘too dark’ yet ‘too American’ to be Dominican. My personality was never enough and my looks well, it confused most. I grew tired of explaining myself to others and once I found this wonderful community of Black Latinx folks I felt like I came home. My skin was not a guessing game anymore.

 How has tarot cards overall help with spiritual healing in others ? Are there any misconceptions people have about tarot card readers ?

Tarot is a wonderful source of healing. It can reveal perspectives and guided messages from our ancestors/guides. I love to connect chakra healing, inner child work, and CBT into my sessions. We begin with a meditation to ground our bodies and minds as we can become overwhelmed and nervous when communicating with our guides and higher self. I noticed that people begin to realize that tarot isn’t about fortune telling or communicating with the dead, but more so it’s about connecting with our truth and embracing change in whichever form that may come in.

With your eventful schedule , how do you find time to incorporate a self care routine?

I love to do guided meditations so I usually start my day with meditation and journaling. Acknowledging what I’m grateful and setting an intention for the day. If I’m busy, I make sure to check in with myself at least twice a day to breathe and be present. If I have more time, I allow myself to be present when writing, making music or guided meditations. It’s all about the journey and not the destination.Stepping into love in moments of frustration and sadness have improved my mindset and mood tremendously!

Heal, Transform & Ascend with Destiny
Instagram: @serotoninvibes


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