#IAmEnough x ShopBLatina Crop Tee Collaboration

“Walkin’ past the mirror, Damn, I’m fine” 

Alexa knows how to set my mood, first thing every morning. This routine is a must. Some feel-good music to go along with my Cafe con Leche. My morning regime is essential in how the rest of my day is going to go. A true vibe to go along with this melanin magic that automatically switches on when I open my eyes. The most vital aspect of your day is your mornings, which completely sets the tone for how the rest of your day will pan out. The first thing first is knowing your worth and your purpose in this universe. Whether you’re putting on your Fenty foundation or your favorite face mask while you are in that mirror you must know you are beautiful. If we don’t constantly remind ourselves who we are and where we stand who else will. image2

 You must show up and show out for yourself because you are somebody. Life can tough sometimes and we can get distracted and caught up. Then we forget to activate our self-love and self – care. When this happens all we need is a simple reminder. By reciting #IAmEnough each and every day this will contribute to your self-confidence and instill self-value into your daily lifestyle. Whether you are experiencing body image issues, identity crisis, healing from past trauma, depression, or not feeling smart enough. This is solely for you and was implemented to boost your pride and let you know you are celebrated. The same way that Cardi track makes me feel good every single damn time I walk past this mirror.  This is exactly what the #IAmEnough crop tees will do for you.image1

Not only does it feel better when you are saying something and claiming it. When you are wearing it boldly it makes you feel amazing on the inside. I teamed up with ShopBLatina to create a product that will help change the way women of color feel about themselves. #IAmEnough blog and ShopBLatina both are devoted to raising awareness about the Afro-Latinx community and most importantly promoting self-love. Our own individual experiences have contributed to our passion to create a outlet for women like us to feel appreciated and recognized. 

Growing up a Black Latina was a  struggle from being constantly checked into a box and feeling like you weren’t Black enough or Latina enough. #IAmEnough is printed with so many shades of brown to represent diversity. Our mission is to ensure you are feeling and taking care of yourself so you can reach your full potential. If there is ever a moment of self – doubt or insecurity this tee shirt will remind you that you deserve to be here. IMG_2968

There are so many young Black and Brown girls who obtain low self-esteem and confidence. There is work to be done in these communities to teach our young queens how beautiful, courageous, and unique they are.  There is so much discrimination of skin color, hair texture, and identity that exist in the United States among the Black woman. Self – Image is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

unnamed (6)To be beautiful in this country you have to have white skin with blonde hair, blue eyes, and small figured. This stigma is one that many of us who exist do not fit into. The good news is we don’t have to live by those beauty standards. We make our own.

Shomara Garcia, creator of Shop Blatina and myself Jenay Wright, creator of #IAmEnough blog are so excited to be launching the #IAmEnough tees Thursday, July 16th. They will be exclusively available on www.shopblatina.com.

Queens, here is your chance to wear your pride, love yourself, and believe in oneself a little stronger than the day before. This is a collaboration that was crafted with so much love and resilience. This journey of embracing who we are is one we will share together. The reflection in that mirror looking back at you. Tell her I Am Enough but I Am More Than Enough and no one can take that from you. Tell your tias, abuelitas, madres, aunties, godmothers, and primitas to go cop their tees now!


Shop for your #IAMENOUGH crop tee now on www.shopblatina.com   !

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