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Hola my beautiful Black & Brown Sisters! I want to personally welcome you to your space and your story.  This platform was created for you, your abuelitas, tias, madrinas, daughters and for my strong women who hail all over the world. The moment you enter this site you will find your self on a self-love journey, self -worth expedition, celebration of blackness and reclamation of your roots and heritage. There will be no slander, slurs or hate aloud among this page. I want this #IAmEnough family to be built of strength, community and sisterhood.

#IAmEnough is a digital space devoted to self-assurance,pride and confidence into the lives of all Afro- Latinas through authentic and organic narratives. Jenay, is my name and I created this blog in hopes to empower Afro-Latinas and reach a diverse and broader audience. My passion for writing was something I wanted to share with the world. I wanted to tell my story about my identity. However, there weren’t many places to tell it. I did not want anyone else who looks like me or can relates to my story to have to struggle either.

Now you have this space and this its called #IAmEnough. The empowerment of a woman is something I believe needs more positive attention in actuality and in media . As a woman of Panamanian and African American descent I can see the lack of light shed upon women of color, preferably Black Woman. I want to use the power of expression, writing to change the world along with many of  my interviewees, guest bloggers and readers.

This is our journey, our truth and our story.

Sincerely, Jenay Wright

Birth Place : Bronx, New York

Education: Columbia College Chicago, Bachelors of Arts – Journalism

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Instagram: @Jenaymeetsworld