The Afro-Boliviana Experience: Gabriela Agramont

 Every Afro-Latina narrative isn’t the same. Although we share some similar experiences. The most essential key here is listening and understanding each and every person’s individual story.  Here’s an authentic story of an inspirational Afro-Latina who is Bolivian and African-American and her journey!   What does it mean to be Afro-Latina? To me, being Afro-Latina means…

All Hail Queen Garifuna: Acknowledging My Heritage with Amani May

By Jenay Wright — Latin America isn’t One face, One place, One culture, One language or ONE tradition. Latin America is filled with so many different cultures, traditions, people and even languages. The diversity is endless and we see this because of its African , Indigenous and Eurocentric features over time. We must acknowledge prominent…

Celebrating Beautifully BLACK Latinas @afrolatinas_

  Social Media is an essential platform in order to gain attention to a topic or subject. The power it holds is endless and there are so many different types of social tools to utilize. So knock yourselves out! Instagram is a photo sharing app , which allows you to discover and explore new things….


  Individuals must really try and  understand what it means to be an Afro-Latino and take the time to understand our cultural experience. That’s why many bloggers, musicians , poets , historians  who are products of the African Diaspora in Latin America are truly taking out the time to educate those about our existence ….

Empowering & Embracing: A Girl Chat with Stephanie George

A huge part of living life is discovering who you are and learning where you fit in culturally. Once you hit that stage in your life where you are content, at ease, and satisfied with who you are; the next step to take is to embrace who you are and live your life to the fullest….

An Acronym for Afro-Latinas

    Do you remember being in school and the teacher asked you to create a acronym for your name? I always thought that task was a bit challenging because I could never find the perfect words that fit me. But… I wanted to create an acronym for Afro-Latinas so they could have something to…

Afro-Latina’s , We Exist

Proyecto Mas Color This video consist of two sisters Sophia and Victoria whose goal it s to call attention to diversifying Latin American media , preferably Afro-Latinos. They want to see more positive representation  for Afro-Latinos in networks like Telemundo and Univison . When it comes to telling people you are Afro-Latino it isn’t as…