My Feel Good Playlist

If music never existed. It’s really painful even writing this.  Okay… If music never existed I am not really sure where I would be. Music is literally my life, my soul, my heart practically everything to me. I know I am a bit over dramatic but come on do you blame me. Music makes life ten…

Celebrating Beautifully BLACK Latinas @afrolatinas_

  Social Media is an essential platform in order to gain attention to a topic or subject. The power it holds is endless and there are so many different types of social tools to utilize. So knock yourselves out! Instagram is a photo sharing app , which allows you to discover and explore new things….

Lets Reflect…..

As we are approaching 2016, I thought this next blog post should be something meaningful and expressive. I truly wanted to be reflective and honest with my readers. I promise I will. Growing up as a child I was always told that I could be anything I want to be if I put my mind…


  If you’re anything like Kesha, she wakes up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. That’s nice and all. But when you wake up in the morning you should feel beautiful. If you don’t feel that way there is something we need to work on. It starts by valuing yourself more as an individual…

Essence of Diversity

In  the Afro-Latina culture we celebrate and recognize diversity within our community. #Wearelistening #Weareseeing #Wearetalking #Wearefeeling #Weknow #Wearebeautiful #Wearestrong #Weareconfident #Wearenough Photos by : Jenay Wright