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Infusing Self-Assurance, Pride, and Confidence into the lives of all Afro-Latina’s through authentic, refreshing, and organic narratives.


We are devoted to giving our readers a gateway to self-assurance, pride, and confidence in who they are. It is essential for Afro-Latinas to embrace their shade while still preserving their culture and traditions like any other Latina women would. Our audience should know that are somebody and by saying I am enough it will remind them every day.




This blog serves as a guide to every Afro-Latinas individual experience. Each story is crafted with passion to give Afro-Latinas a voice to express themselves and love the skin they are in. This is a movement that will be acknowledged and will prove its eminence.  

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  1. Kisha Gulley says:

    As a fellow Panameña and blogger i am here for all of this. You are inspiring me everyday. Thank you for this site.



  2. Dari El says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this blog. It’s amazing to me that so many other beautiful Afro-Latinas share my experience. It’s painful when you are asked to choose just one piece of your identity while burying another, just to appease the ignorances of those around you. I thank each of the ladies here, bloggers and commenters alike, for your strength and transparency.


    1. Conrad 0ndabu says:

      Thanks for sharing this page. Am from Africa and specifically Kenya. Black Dominicans are the most beautiful people in the world. However, like most other black people throughout the world we all have been made to look down at ourselves with our blackness and common African ancestry. In other words, even if there is no more colonialism in Africa or slavery in the U.S & Caribbean our minds are still colonized and enslaved unfortunately by ourselves. One Kenya author called Ngugu wa Thiongo wrote a book about this subject with the title ” “Decolonizing Your Mind”. Civil rights icon Malcolm X often used to ask African Americans in the U.S “who taught you to hate yourself and your skin color?” For too long this tact of making people of Africa and African descent hate themselves and their culture has been used to divide and dominate them. The first step to success is to be unashamedly proud of yourself which leads to self-confidence in confronting life challenges. In the past, people have been taught to believe that in Africa people are still primitive and live on trees which is a complete contrast from what one will see when they actually go to Africa. Last year, my friend was surprised to notice that the trains in Kenya and Ethiopia are more modern than in the United states and many more other things. In the my final analysis, no one can make you hate your heritage and your skin color or ancestry until you allow them to. Hopefully things will start to change and people of color will appreciate their blackness and African descent and feel proud of their culture because nobody who hates him/herself or is in self- denial of themselves can fully prosper and for people of black descent to prosper they first must start embracing their ancestry and be proud of it. Teach little black boys and girls that they are the most precious human beings on earth and let all blacks – in Africa and in diaspora work together to deal with the many challenges facing our people.


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