Meet Andrea Green: Blasian Panamanian Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassador

Self-love is the best love and it is truly vital we show up as our best selves. This starts with loving every single part of you from your  skin, hair, body and so much more. Flaws and all you are special and divine and remember this every single day. Andra Green, a proud Afro-Latina uses her platform to promote self – love, body positivity and embodying your natural hair. Being a Blasian Panamanian, Andrea has experienced her own struggles with her identity. She understands what is feels like  hands to be judged by society based off her hair texture and her looks.

Being named the first Afro-Latina SAVAGE X FENTY Brand Ambassador, she is setting the tone and creating a space for women like herself to feel represented and most of included.

Andrea is breaking the standards of beauty and recreating her own. Her Afro-Latinidad is one she wears strongly and her story is one that so many can relate to. Check out her interview below and be apart of her self-love movement.

What does Afro-Latina mean to you?

Being Afro – Latina to me means I enjoy embracing my natural hair & culture for my everyday life !

How do you use your platform to celebrate Afro-Latina women?

I celebrate by wearing my curly Afro and encouraging others to embrace what they have been given to love yourself first !

Did you ever struggle with your cultural identity ? If so what helped you get through those obstacles?

Sometimes I’ve had to stand up for who I am many times for how I look because I looked too ethic  or my hair was too different for job standards I should  put it in a bun . Especially working at sephora customers sometimes would be too nervous to approach me, which made me feel a way but then I had to remember I was blessed with this hair and the color of my skin.

How do you embrace your Panamanian roots ?

My cooking are ways I still intact due to my Adeula & Mom making sure I knew how to make our signature dishes like Sancocho de gallina , Tostones and Tamales. As well as learning the history of the Panama Canal,the beautiful island, culture and especially music and the beautiful clothing.

What was it like growing up Panamanian ? What’s one of your fondest memories ?

It was great I felt like there so much beauty in our culture being around good music, food and games like Dominoes.  We would play all night and just enjoy being around family sitting on the porch listening to the rain while we just enjoy each other company . I miss going hiking in Panama hiking up Altos Del Maria .

Was it challenging having a Black Panamanian father and a Chinese Panamanian mother ?

Yes! Especially coming from a small town it was definitely a constant question like where are you from ? Or why do you have hair like that can I touch it ? Or me being such a different mix people would look at me differently because wear my family was from. I’ve always felt different growing up.

Did you ever struggle embracing both?

When I was younger I did because I just wanted to fit in so I used to dress a certain way to fit in with other girls to feel like I was like them but as I got older started learning that I am my own self should embrace my mix of culture and appreciate where I’m from.

Did you ever feel left out of Latinidad because of the lack of representation of Panamanians?

At one point I felt left out but I learned to not feel it. I learned more Spanish to have a deeper understanding of everything including my family .

How did you gravitate towards modeling ?

It started when I moved to NY I wanted to take it seriously and it just grew from there.

How important is it for creating a space for other Afro-Latinas / Afro-Caribbean’s in the modeling space ?

I believe it’s important because we choose to be our most authentic self, we can switch up any look having the beautiful coarse hair.

What was reaction when you were picked to represent for Afro-Latina for Savage x Fenty?

I was so surprised and excited that I was chosen to be one I was so happy and excited for the journey because I love what Rihanna and what her brand represents in embracing all women.

How will you use this platform to create a space for women like you?

Showing women that being your authentic self is beautiful and embracing what you were blessed with !

What is one thing you want people to know about you that we couldn’t find on your Instagram page ?

I’m a huge nature lover and plant lover as well .

Keep up with Dreaa!

Instagram @curly_dr_dreaa


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