Afro-Latinas On Tiktok You & Your Amiga Should Be Following – Jenay Wright

Let’s be real amiga, TikTok is addicting and can be therapeutic and we know you spend three hours a day on it. If you aren’t sending 10 memes to your homegirl a day, or you are probably learning the next TikTok viral dance. This platform has helped so many people survive through this pandemic and has cultivated a movement that social media has never seen before. Some platforms can be quite toxic, but this space amplifies voices as well as gets people excited to create and innovate.

 At this point, everyone’s abuelita and auntie is on Tik Tok, and it is something that every generation can enjoy. As an Afro-Latina I feel so in touch with my community and roots from all over the world. I have been able to virtually connect and live vicariously through the content from Afro-Latinx Tik Tokers. Instagram has truly always been my space for outreach and networking with Black Latinx creators and innovators. However, when you expand your mindset and broaden your horizon so many doors and opportunities arise.

After spending countless hours searching #AfroLatinas and reviewing videos I was truly amazed at how many individuals were using TikTok to raise awareness and shed light on the Afro-Latinx identity. The importance of using your space to amplify voices and begin conversations that sometimes are uncomfortable is truly influential and impactful. This post is highlighting Afro-Latina TikTok accounts you and your homegirl should be following and preserving our narratives.


Tally Dilbert is a content creator and visual creative artist based in San Antonio, Texas. She uses her platform to educate, inform and protect Black Latinx voices and celebrate her Afro-Latinidad community and traditions. Her advocacy through Tik Tok went viral when she addressed colorism within the Latinx community. With Afro-Latinas lacking representation in media and constantly pushed under the rug, as an Afro-Honduran herself Tally enforces that Latinos need to combat their own racism within their community as well as push for racial equality and representation for Afro – Latinos. Can we also talk about how fashionable, trendy, and creative her TikTok is, from engaging posts to dope fits? Tally got you covered. Give her flowers.


I wish the latino media gave Black latinos more opportunities in novelas, shows, etc #afrolatinos #latinos #amaralanegra #fypシ

♬ original sound – tally


Chrissy is your fav Afro-Dominicana from Nueva York. Her aura is one that from watching her content you feel like she’s your primita from another Tia. From hair, beauty, and makeup fashion tips she ensures that she speaks up and shares her love for her Afro-Latindad identity. With her sensational spirit and hard work and dedication to giving darker-skinned Latinas a place to feel celebrated and proud in their skin. Not only is Chrissy redefining her own beauty standards but also reshaping what it truly means to be a Latina which isn’t defined by the color of your skin. Her confidence, radiance, determination to ensure women that look like her love their curls and most of all treat their hair with love and protection is one thing I love most about her content.  Chrissy the world needs you, we appreciate you!


Shout out to @grosario_ for the first TIK TOK that I’ve seen showing off Los Palos 🇩🇴🙏🏽. Keep it going 🔥 #domincanpalos #adominicana

♬ Los Olivos – Los Congos


Afro-Latina Model and Fashion Stylist, Franchela empowers women to embrace their shade and embody who they truly are. Franchela is devoted to amplifying melanated voices and showcasing the diversity in bodies preferably in the modeling industry. Darker-skinned women are endlessly beautiful and there for many years has been obsessed with lighter/ white-skinned being in the forefront of fashion. However, Franchela cultivates a space for breaking those barriers and displaying appreciation for all shades of melanin. As an Afro-Dominican and proud Caribbean woman, she speaks proudly in Spanish and ensures to bring up the conversation that Black people in fact do speak Spanish, unapologetically.  Blackness is universal and there is not one standard of beauty and Franchela promotes through her styling page as well as through her Tiktok.


Diamanté is the viral makeup queen, and her natural creativity has been celebrated all over the world. As a darker-skinned woman, her goal is to truly make Black women feel beautiful and amplify their glow. She uses her platform to teach tutorials on a plethora of looks to get you and your homegirl ready for any occasion. At 15 – years old she taught herself how to do makeup and worked her way from the ground up. It was her persistence for me and the strive she had to thrive her work from day one.

As a woman of Afro-Panamanian and Puerto -Rican descent, she understands the struggles of being an Afro-Latina and dealing with colorism and discrimination. Her work is solely focused on giving melanin women a space to feel beautiful in a world that exhibits so much hate to darker-skinned women. As a Black MUA and Influencer, she is doing the work to change the industry and stigma around colorism within the makeup industry. It is so imperative that we prioritize diversity and continue to elevate Black creativity and creators. That’s my primita, yall!


I think I won this challenge! Period credit to @beatsbydeb for the inspo foryoupage halloween Duet fyp trend viral

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

Reply to @chocolatemelaningoddess here’s how I do my brows after my base is done comment any questions ! #makeuptutorial #fypシ #viral #mua

♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray


Jeisy, I found dancing bachata on TikTok. Her energy is dope, raw, and most of all relatable. Her page takes you down memory lane growing up Latino around your favorite Abuelita and tia, especially growing up in the Bronx. She is of Garifuna- Honduran roots, no matter what she’s doing she will always have you laughing, lit, in good spirits, and dancing to your favorite romantica bachata hit. Even though she gets she’s Dominican / Puerto – Rican.  she makes sure that she celebrates her Honduran pride and identity. As she should!


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