I Am Not Your Trend – Jenay Wright

I am not your trend 

In fact my melanin is the perfect blend 

My mocha skin effortlessly reigns majestically 

My skin full of richness, it glows so miraculously

Unapologetically Black, my queendom so pure 

My blackness seeks no validation, I stand in my skin 

 No reassurances needed, your pity is a sin 

You can’t appropriate me, my liberation lives here 

My fight last for eternity, my ancestors made that clear 

I am top tier put respect on my crown 

My Black queens, forever whole it down 

Embrace your world, it’s on the your palm of your hand 

What’s the world without a Black woman, it roots back to our motherland 

They stole, they erased, but we been preserved our space 

You are enough in this place 

Shake the room elevate your voice 

God given you are, your magic rejoiced

Be proud of all that you are, you were wonderfully made 

Don’t touch my hair, don’t touch my braids 

You can stand from your position and see my shade.

My mocha, and my beautiful sensual tone 

I am not your trend,  queens reclaim your throne  


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