Cleanse your Circle & Preserve your Space – Jenay Wright


Play that Sade sis! Blast that India Arie! Yes, even louder and continue to alleviate your soul and protect your vibe. Don’t ever stop your healing, individual growth, and the flourishment that has been progressing over time. I see you Queen and I recognize your ability to improve all who you are. You deserve that glass of Château Lafite. Cheers! Hence, today I want to focus on the importance of keeping a positive circle around you. The company you keep around contributes to you and your everyday life. Some people see that and some people don’t.

If we surround ourselves with good people and like-minded individuals, this plays a vital role in our growth as individuals. You see a difference in a positive social circle versus toxicity.  Sis, we all been through it and if you’re like me you have struggled with letting go of so many people. It is certainly an obstacle and its okay to have a forgiving and loving heart and want to help others around you. However, you must know when it is time to cut off those who aren’t serving you.

Of course, you do not have to hate them but just recognizing they aren’t contributing to your elevation. So why are you keeping them in your space? Why are you girl? If you’re fearing loneliness or afraid to let them go. We are going to have to truly work on that because it is bringing you down and making you feel stuck. Sometimes we have to be alone and spend time with ourselves in order to manifest the person we are becoming.

I want to see you win.

I want to see you content. Do you want that for yourself?

My answer was yes ma’am and I know you do too.

Show up for yourself because you deserve that. It isn’t about quantity it is about quality. Would you rather have two homegirls who root for you and are supportive? Or 10 homegirls you can go just out and get lit with but can’t be available to call for career advice. We have to do better! Your main circle should be your biggest supporters and those you can lean on when you really going through it. If that happens to just be one person, be grateful and thankful for that.

We want to gravitate towards high-value people, so this means at times you may have to do process of elimination. Eliminate that homegirl who only calls to talk about her problems. First, off sis, it is a two-way street and you must receive the same equal energy you are putting out. Everything will not always be a smooth sail and we will come across disagreements. But what is vital is things are being communicated. This is where you begin to test the quality of an individual by listening and paying attention.

The way we respond to things has a huge impact. Keep a circle that is healthy and even during tough times. You do not want people projecting and imposing their negativity on you.  You don’t want other problems to be weighed on to you. You do not want people in your life who will make you feel bad about yourself. I myself experienced that recently and it truly made me depressed and I knew that wasn’t the friendship that was meant for me.

We want people who will tell you the truth about you and will give you their honest advice, but they do not have to put you down in that process. This all circles back to YOU and where you stand in protecting your energy and if you aren’t checking the company you keep. Are you truly elevating? Are you really growing? We want friends who are building you up and respecting your mental and physical health. Who loves us for who we are and believe in us.

If you feel that unbalance and uncertainty then it is time to do some deep soul searching and refocus.  Focus on who you are and being the best you and those right people will naturally gravitate towards you. Now continue to cleanse yourself, your peace, and most of all your circle. Now turn up that Jill Scott and jam out queen.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nicete Moodie says:

    Love this blog! Thank you Sis.
    Con mucho cariño, La Panameña Nicete


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